How to be a #QuizMaster!

On Wednesday we held our Maker Faire in conjunction with MSU Libraries. A great time was had by all! Laurie Fernandez and I had created an activity we called “Are You Smarter Than Our Quiz Machine?”. It consisted of Four quiz boards, like these: We needed more than one board, not just for access for more … More How to be a #QuizMaster!

NLP Post 1

We have been learning about networked learning; articulating our own personal learning networks and revising our lesson plans to incorporate networked learning. My personal use of networked learning has continued to expand since the public introduction of the internet. I like learning.  I like learning random things over the internet. I can happily surf from … More NLP Post 1

Lesson Plan Version 4.0: Networked Learning Revision

Networks are everywhere. They always have been. In this post I will review my lesson plan 1.0 through the lens of networked learning.  In their recent report, Johnston, Becker, Estrada, and Freeman (2014) have analyzed the current and future trends in technology in the classroom, and many of these involve networked learning. The plan as it stands has … More Lesson Plan Version 4.0: Networked Learning Revision

Digital Storytelling and Mozilla Popcorn

Today we were able to play with Mozilla Popcorn, a video and audio remixing tool. Using specialized Creative Commons search tools, we searched for video and audio clips to support our introduction to a chosen educational technology buzzword. Our group – David, Donna, and Lisa – chose the buzzword “digital storytelling,” and searched using Prelinger … More Digital Storytelling and Mozilla Popcorn

Makerfaire-ing Breakfast

Content curation is a novel concept, to me, but I can see how useful it is. A daily digest, created by a student, which gives an overview and, hopefully, valid summary of the day. I have tried to include all the useful links. Monday was my day for content curation. I certainly got an exciting day … More Makerfaire-ing Breakfast