Lesson Plan 1.0

This is not my lesson plan. I mean, it is my lesson plan, but it’s not my lesson plan. However, this lesson plan is of a type that was held up to the teachers in my school as a model lesson plan. I have taught this lesson in this unit. In our school (and this was about 7 years ago), we were not allowed to use any electronic technology in the classroom other than overhead projectors. We were not allowed to show videos, without the specific approval of the principal. We were not allowed to present slide shows, (although the students were taught in computing class how to make them). The school had two computer projectors, which were to be used sparingly. Technology was for lazy teachers, was a guiding principle of our school. Yet this school was in Silicon Valley and our students’ parents probably wrote the code for the email systems we were using. For this reason, I have chosen a typical lesson plan, sans technology, based on instruction, for this assignment.

This lesson falls in the middle of the 5th grade world history unit on the English kings and queens from Henry VIII to William and Mary. This unit came in the second or third month of the year. The unit has strong themes of social, economic and technical change, and it was a good basis for comparison with the U.S. history curriculum (in the second half of the year), which focussed on the Civil War.

I taught this unit as a role play, where students stayed in character in all subjects, for a week, and the boundaries between individual lessons blurred into a thematic week. How better to explain Puritanism, than to have a third of the class (the Puritans) be prohibited from playing at recess? (Yes, I made the point and then let them play). Every time the monarch changed, different groups came to power, and others were persecuted. This was how many of my colleagues coped with dry texts and a lack of technology – we invented non-tech games.

Here is the link to my lesson plan, definitely version 1.0:




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