My Personal Learning Network

Today we have been exploring person learning networks (“PLN”). I suppose the most important aspect, is that they are personal. Therefore, there is no template to fill in. There is not even a standard app or site to use. There are, however, plenty of “mind mapping” tools out there.

Somewhere, rising from the back of my mind, was a thought: “Don’t I have an app for that?”.

Yes. Yes I do.

I had to re-download iThoughts to my iPad, but it still functioned as I remembered. It can set up simple relationships of parent-child thoughts, allow you to move those around the central thought for emphasis, and (my favorite feature) allow you to draw relationship arrows across the standard relationships map.

Created on iThoughts for iPad
Created on iThoughts for iPad

A picture paints a thousand words, so hopefully my PLN is self-explanatory. As background, I have former classroom colleagues and students, and current parent clients and students. I love the way my former middle schoolers, now in college, are giving me “how to survive college” tips as I update my Facebook network on my studies and the “joys” of dorm life.


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  1. I really liked how this turned out on iThoughts for iPad!! We hadn’t talked about using that in our class. The arrows connecting things, including over coffee, were great! 🙂

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