Digital Storytelling and Mozilla Popcorn

Today we were able to play with Mozilla Popcorn, a video and audio remixing tool. Using specialized Creative Commons search tools, we searched for video and audio clips to support our introduction to a chosen educational technology buzzword.

Our group – David, Donna, and Lisa – chose the buzzword “digital storytelling,” and searched using Prelinger Archives, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

To introduce a talk on digital storytelling, we created a remix which is, itself, a short digital story of changes in society from the 1960s to today.

You can find our remix here.

Our remix highlights the changes using instantly recognizable images and sounds: the washed-out old style video, the 60s-style voiceover, activities and songs from the 80s, and then the ultimate “digital story” of our age: changes in technology.

Remixes are a fabulous way to pull your audience right to the topic. Song remixes, or mashups, are very popular with middle and high school students, too, and therefore remixes are a great way to connect their social worlds to their educational world.


The Golden Years

Coldriff Andre’s Snoring

Le Capitaine // Realisé

Macintosh Tribute