I’m Lisa M, a private tutor and teacher for students with learning disorders. Or, as I like to say, for students at schools with teaching disorders. My business slogan, “learn the way you learn” encapsulates what I believe about education. My website tries to get kids interested in a new way of learning, one that is tailored to them. My business is called “nrp learning” (the lower case is deliberate).  One student calls it “nerp learning,” and so that is what it has become. Most people want to know what “nrp” stands for. Well, the answer is: “Nothing to do with my business”. Every domain name that referenced teaching or learning, that I could think of, was already taken. If only a few of those domain name owners are doing their bit to improve education, then we are on our way to a better world.

Before this business, I was a classroom teacher for five years, teaching 4-8. I  moved campuses, classrooms, and grade levels each year. I’m easily bored! I believe that each change, each new situation, forces us to learn. And for students who struggle in school, it is just a matter of finding the change that works for them.

Ancient history nut at the Colosseum

This past year I have been on a travel binge. I had to go back to university to justify having a gap year, I think! I wish we could all learn by just traveling about. I love ancient history, so my first stop was Rome.  I spent two months in Italy, going from Roman ruins to that modern Renaissance stuff, and back again.

Recently, I spent a month in Iceland. It was the coldest spring they have experienced in 25 years. I looked at glaciers and volcanos and was forced to learn how to drive in a whiteout. We don’t have many of those in California. In Scotland, I met someone who has seen Nessie. I am a lifelong learner, and my passion is to turn my students into lifelong learners, too.

As the REI and Nike slogans say: “Never stop exploring'” and “Just do it!”


Natasha (n), Riley (r), and Penny (p)


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